Sunday, March 30, 2008

David Beckham Condoms

A brand of condoms named after football ace David Beckham has taken the Chinese contraceptive market under its sway. A Chinese company has plastered David Beckham’s name on condoms, claiming users will score with the ladies.

The packet bears the words ‘Bonk Like Beckham’, which recalls Victoria’s recent statements on David’s big and active sexual appetite.

It’s reported that the brand is now the biggest-selling condom brand in China. But sales of the condoms might be stopped. Apparently, this is not an official endorsement; the makers just slapped Beckham’s picture on there without asking for his permission.

Chinese fans of the LA Galaxy soccer star, however, want the marketing of these condoms banned.

“We do not want Beckham to think the Chinese people are disrespecting him. We love him here,” one said.